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Wild Orchid Subic Bay

Wild Orchid Beach Resort, Subic Bay, Philippines

Baloy Long Beach, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City, Zambales Philippines

Tel: front desk (63) 47-223-1029 office (63) 47-223-8984 cellphone (63) 917-512-3029



Visited by Major Grubert

I recently wrote that one “also pays for the location where situated” when reporting about other hotels at the same location. I have to put this here into a clear perspective. Before starting: the Wild Orchid is not cheap, but nor are the other hotels situated on the same beach – however, the Wild Orchid is worth every penny, not only in direct comparison with other hotels named – I would never stay in any other hotel whilst visiting Subic.

I was there during the rainy season taking advantage of a special offer. I paid 9100 Pesos for three nights. Nevertheless, I still only saved very little, take a look at the prices on the homepage yourself.

Once again: if you stop in other hotels that more or less satisfy your needs, you will find that you won’t be paying much less for an inferior services.

Location: between the Blue Rock Resort and the Treasure Island. From the bar side of things, brilliant, however, the beach can be accessed only by a small road, past the pool, maybe about 50 metres. They also have rooms at ground level directly on the beach near the restaurant. Have not taken a look inside, I find these a bit too easy-going. I don’t like it when restaurant guests gape into the room...

My room’s furnishing: new, clean, best standard, small but coded safe. I managed to fit my large cams into the safe including the lenses; also my important documents, credit card and cash etc. The room was large enough (I am a bit demanding when it comes to room size). Lots of storage room.

The bathroom had lots of mirrors, everything new and in working condition. The shower (cabin with a sliding door) was very good, lots of water and also hot if required. Very good unobtrusive service but effective. There was absolutely no reason for complaint, in fact quite the opposite.

There is no lady-fee; guests are allowed to accompany without having to pay extra.

Free of charge W-LAN in all rooms. Large flat screen telly. Quiet air conditioning and easy to adjust. Extremely comfortable bed, bedclothes, towels etc. all new and very well looked after.

Can’t report on the breakfast or restaurant, didn’t try these. However, there is a room service.

The hotel has a lift (something unusual here).

Photos of my room, pool and facilities:   









































Outdoor installations: lovely pool with two whirlpools situated in green surroundings. The pool-bar and restaurant are closed. All in all quite generous facilities, something I had not expected here. The beach restaurant is a sort of “beer garden” with lots of tables located under palms, well, adjacent.

The bottom line: I felt really good here. Again and again – and nothing other on this beach. Classic, gut and a well positioned perfectly run beach hotel. We had rainy weather, probably a lot nicer when the sun is shining, the pics would have been nicer on a sunny day as well, will try to provide some at a later date. The value for money aspect here on this beach cannot be beaten.


Paradise with small flaws, unfortunately quite a few.

In the meantime I have taken a look at the rooms directly on the beach; I was not all that impressed really. Apart from them asking too much (5400 PHP) for rooms that are too small and not very well furnished, I was also put off by the fact that there is live music played directly in front of them on a daily basis, this goes on from 7 in the morning until 11 at night. In addition to this there is loud and disturbing conversation at the bar during the weekend. 









I decided to take a room in the main building (executive balcony room for 5800 PHP). The room itself was a dream, large set of windows at the front, balcony, bright, large whirlpool, amusing bathroom with a “service hatch” through to the room. One is able to open everything, which enables the room to be flooded with light. The view is great, even though one mainly sees ships at anchor. On waking up in the morning one pulls the curtains apart to look out at the clear blue skies and water in the bay. 

















I don’t want to seem fussy, where there is work there are also flaws… Things can break or break down. What irritated me most was the frequency that this occurred during my eight night stay. In general all trivial things, but annoying for a hotel of this price class. I also don’t understand why I had to pay 100 Pesos for an extra towel when staying in a room that cost 100 Euros; that’s stingy and one should not have to expect something like that.

A list of these little things: the bulb in the bathroom was not changed, although I had removed it after it had blown and put it on display in the sink. A soup was delivered to the room instead of the ice cream I had ordered. A flap on the air conditioning did not work, could only be either completely opened or closed, obviously a damaged spring. The air conditioning fan could not be adjusted, only one speed even though there should have been three. During my final night the air conditioning started to clatter, which made the bed vibrate meaning that we got only very little sleep. The safe was tiny; the same size as those in the beach rooms, The curtain was too short, meaning that the room could not be completely blacked out. The telly was defect; I had to get someone to switch it on almost every day. The jacuzzi inlet port was missing, just a hole where the fitting should have been, I didn’t want to fill it using the shower handset. When showering the water was quite often too hot, the cold water pressure fluctuated and was often too low: The fact that the manager always looked grumpy and somehow annoyed didn’t make things any better.

In general the personnel were friendly but some did happen to be very slow and unfriendly.

I did hold two things against them: Once, one of the security men at the beach entrance spoke to the girl accompanying me in a harsh manner and completely inappropriately and asked here what she had in her bag. I don’t expect small Phili macho wankers to belittle my girls and treat them like some filthy whore; she was affected by this for quite a few hours afterwards. I had to bring this person back down to his normal size. The other thing: When my room was being cleaned it was left open for at least 10 minutes, maybe for much longer. Obviously they were too lazy to unlock my room on return. Anyone could have strolled in and took what they wanted, for example, my laptop or cameras, which were too big for the safe. Both of these examples are just not on at all.

The pool, all in all nice (can be used until midnight) but there is a lot of chlorine in the water, which makes your eyes sting.

Food, so-so, the first day we were there my girl found a small worm in her soup and meals take time to be served, for this reason I mainly ate elsewhere. By the way, breakfast is not included in the price.

All in all, even though the room and view were nice, things were not always satisfying. Nevertheless, I would stop there again, but only because there are no better hotels, and, only in one of those beach rooms, lower price less annoyance. 

















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