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View Talay 6 Pattaya

View Talay 6 Pattaya Beach Condo (VTSIX)

Pattaya Second Road Nongprue, Banglamung, 
Bhonburi 20150 Pattaya, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 38-412494




Visited by Major Grubert

view_talay6_pattaya01The location of this hotel, which can’t be overseen, is well thought out. Its entrance is on the 2nd road next to the Central Festival Pattaya (shopping centre), meaning it’s not far from the 2nd/Pattaya Klang crossroads. In fact, due to its size it’s almost next to the Beach Road, where it can be accessed by via a separate entrance by means of a key card. There’s nothing much more central than this place in Pattaya; the beach is in walking distance, the Baht busses travel along the 2nd road towards Soi 6 or Naklua along the Beach Road thus towards south Pattaya (Walking Street). View Talay, meaning view of the sea, is only possible if you have a room facing towards the south, the Hilton blocks the view towards the north.

Actually I had booked a studio (junior suite, 48m2) on one of the 27 upper floors, but then I settled for one on the 17th floor due to the construction work being carried out on the 20th. The view is not quite as good as up at the top, I can see the Siam Bay View Hotel over at the bay, but the construction noise isn’t too bad here. I pay 1800 including daily cleaning, only 1600 if cleaned ever third day.

The studio is SUPER (there are smoker and non-smoker suites), I really do like the facility. The rooms are pretty new, bright, large glass front leading to a spacious balcony. A kitchen unit with a large fridge and microwave. Large telly with 5.1 system, large and comfortable bed. Lots of storage space and a large safe. Of course the rooms have WiFi, a desk with an office chair as well as a quiet aircon and large ceiling fan. The lighting is super, loads of small spotlights integrated in the ceiling, plus indirect lighting with a choice of colours, blue, yellow or red. Lots of electric sockets. The bathroom is large, looks nice and, wow, a waterfall shower. It’s quite peaceful here due to being quite high up, that’s when construction work is not being carried out upstairs(Mo – Fr from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon), or if there happens to be one of the usual construction sites around Pattaya, which is changing all the time.

The facility has a huge pool, a number of restaurants, shops, laundries, a beauty salon, a massage parlour and two parking levels. The corridors have CCTV and the lifts are guarded on the ground floor (the girls ID is not checked). The hotel also has smoke detectors in case of fire, fire extinguishers, a sprinkling facility and three corridors with emergency exits. The place is optimal; I find it very good, nice to stay here. Bookable through a number of agencies with strong competition, some even have an office in the hotel. During my first visit I was approach by a lady who has a business here; she offers flats so there should be no problem at all finding something fitting. As far as I can judge there must be about 1000 rooms spread over the 27 stories.

The chambermaid will come if called (mobile number).

I booked through the office in the building (room 27 on the ground floor), see above under “homepage”. If only staying for a short time you probably won’t get the room any cheaper. On asking I was assured that the prices would stay the same for the whole year, which to tell the truth I cannot imagine for the peak season (December/January). Just inquire by email.

Long term residents (a few months or maybe even just a month) are able to get a studio for 20,000 Baht/month, plus energy and water costs. You have to deal with cleaning yourself (can be organised at the hotel). 

I can’t really see any disadvantages. Ask about construction work in the hotel on arrival (I was informed without even inquiring). Apart from that the WiFi router has to be reset every few days, we did this by putting it on top of the towel shelf in the bathroom, no problem. The water temperature (in my room anyway) can’t be turned on all that hot, which on cooler days or during the “Songkran Water Festival” would have been nice. The instant water heater was a little undersized for the waterfall shower, but that’s not too much of a problem really; the shower is mainly used to cool oneself down – the rest is TOP and perfect. I’d stop in the place again anytime.

Photos here:










































New: If you wish, the security in front of the lifts will register the girl(s) you bring along with you, but it’s not compulsory – however, it is the best thing to do – The booking office where I always booked has moved and is now on the ground floor at the front on the corner to the left (large office). I paid 2000 including daily cleaning/change of bedclothes. Prices depend on the season. Once again I was very satisfied. Now and again the internet or wifi does cause problems in the large building and costs extra (750 per month but there are daily or weekly prices). A little amusing, I had to reset the wifi on a daily basis in this apartment recently, it had the unbelievable characteristic of dropping out when I switched the bathroom light off, something you have to realise first WINK

Apart from that, everything is great and a recommendation!









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