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Terra Linda Resort Sosua hotel test

Terra Linda Hotel & Resort, Sosúa, Dominican Republic
Calle Dr. Rosen #26, El Batey, Sosúa, República Dominicana

Tel: (809) 571-2220
Fax: (809) 571-3500


Visited by Major Grubert

terra_linda_resort_hotel_sosua_dominikanische_republik00_kleinThe hotel situated at an ideal (very central – nightlife and beach) spot. Not cheap, my standard room cost me 74 USD. You would get more for your money elsewhere. It’s clean, the people are OK. The room is equipped with: safe (unfortunately only with a key), wifi not too good (it depends on the room one gets; one has to be quite close to the router, which is located in the restaurant).

However, it doesn’t always work in the room, sometimes I had to sit on the balcony to use it – which is quite nice though.
The aircon is OK, but is not adjustable in all rooms; can only be switched on or off. Normally a no-go, but due to the good ceiling fan, which rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise, it was quite pleasant during the night. During the day one can leave it running, even when not in the room.

The mattresses are quite soft but I didn’t have any back problems. They have a sort of plastic cover, on top of that the sheet; this doesn’t do much for comfort. There is a reasonably priced laundry service, but laundry has to be taken down to the reception and picked up the next day. The fridge is quite small, but adequate. Room for storage within the room is adequate to good. The bathroom serves its purpose (shower with plastic curtain). The TV is a flat screen and screwed onto the wall so that it doesn’t waste any space, however, it is quite small – just enough. There are 50 channels, all good quality, German, American and an American music channel; unfortunately nothing local to please the girls. Visitors have to present their ID at the reception.

The hotel is often very load. Early in the morning the birds in a cage down by the pool start screeching (stupid idea for a hotel); Dominican parrots seem to be a lot louder than others. A couple of cleaning women have a talk in front of the door at eight in the morning, in detail such as expected from the locals and without any consideration for sleeping hotel guests. Below the restaurant towards the pool is a bar. It can be quite loud depending on who is staying in the hotel (and the condition they are in), seems to be mainly Americans here, of course enjoying themselves such as we want to. Somewhere (maybe in the restaurant) there seem to be loudspeakers the size of houses broadcasting a sports programme at full volume. The noise level sometimes reminds one of a fairground.

Breakfast is OK; there is a choice of four meals. The choice, quality and service in the restaurant is good, however, I did have one bad mishap with the service. Not cheap. Seating is very good; everything is green, nice furnishing. The hotel personnel is in general a little too non-committal, they have obviously become a little insensitive to disillusioned due to the many visitors on a short break from the USA.

Very nice pool.

All in all a recommendable place, especially due to its good location and quite high standard; the general standard of the surrounding area is quite a bit lower. Apart from this, the outdoor installation is nice and somehow, when sitting on the balcony, one has the feeling one is sitting out in the green.









































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