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Sandy Spring Hotel

Sandy Spring Hotel, Pattaya

494 Soi 13 Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya

Homepage: http://www.sandyspringhotel.com/

Tel: (0038) 41 4752-8
Fax: (0038) 41 4759

Email: info@sandyspringhotel.com


Visited by Major Grubert

Room not too bad and large enough. Service ok. Price for a standard room 990 Baht, but only if one gets a one year ‘MEMBERSHIP CARD’ at the reception, this costs 360 Baht. My room was on the seventh floor (there are nine altogether). The better rooms (1200 AND 2000, I think) were all occupied. At the time there was a lot of construction noise but that can happen anywhere, especially in Pattaya. I even had a 50 percent view of the sea; unfortunately the other 50 percent was a huge ‘block of wood’ from where a lot of people probably had a lot of fun watching our small parties. We managed to pass the reception accompanied by anything up to six chicks with no trouble at all. Large balcony, for the reason mentioned to be used for HC activities only by HC sex tourists. One always has this huge block in front all the time, which gives one the feeling that the curtains should be drawn. The place is situated perfectly, between the Royal Garden and Mikes Shopping Mall. No restaurant and the pool is quite small.

However, if one takes a look at the pics on the website one will see that they also have brighter rooms with a better view, well, at least the suites seem to be good, will have to give them a try.

The pics of the room were taken during “certain occasions”:




sandy spring355

sandy spring356

sandy spring358

sandy spring359

sandy spring360


In the mean time I have tried out a suite, super, eights floor (peaceful), for 2500 Baht (high season) one can get two very large rooms, two TVs, two air conditionings, a very large fridge, lots of storage room etc etc. However, I had booked at short notice and had the same 50 percent view of the sea as I had had the time before. Two single beds were fastened together. In the mean time they have started up a room service for food and drinks, this service is available until midnight. The value for money is good, the hotel service very good, I was very satisfied. They seem to have abolished the membership card.

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