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Playboy Hotel

Playboy Hotel, Bangkok

PB Hotel
40 Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 3 (NANA NUA)
Tel. 6511525-7, 2536060  Fax 2532510



Visited by Major Grubert

playboy_hotel_bangkok00It’s just something close to my heart to be able to nip into the Playboy hotel for the update. The PB was my first regular hotel here in Bangkok. I’ve stayed here quite often and have held a number of parties her too; one is allowed to bring as many girls along as one likes.

First of all I visit the Coffee Shop; I order rice soup with chicken and egg. Thai food is good and reasonably priced here; they only have instant coffee. There are mainly Thais and a few Farang, but to my amazement hardly any Arabs, none at all really. But then again there’s nothing much going on, later on I a walk down the corridor and take a few pics, most rooms are empty, it’s midday.

So, nothing much has changed really. They still only have safety-boxes down at the reception. As of late they have free WiFi in the coffee shop (24); that’s something anyway. Prices range from 860 – 1130 THB (Promotion at the moment – three hours for 440 THB for a standard room upstairs) with prices having increased only slightly over the years. The most expensive room is huge, even the smaller ones have enough space. I must praise them for chucking out the old fitted carpet. As usual the hotel makes a good and clean impression; it seems to be well booked.

There are also nice large rooms at the back of the hotel above the coffee shop, some have a double bed. The smaller rooms (last pic) are also OK, but some have seen a few heavy smokers, others are OK; you will just have to take a look. All in all, as usual a super tip, such large and good rooms in the middle of Bangkok at that price, hard to beat. The service is still “Thai like”, don’t expect too much. They’re all nice and try their best, but they haven’t really adapted to us Farang. Cash payment, mainly in advance.

My old favourite rooms are just above the reception and have the numbers 201 and 202. Huge wall to wall window, the bathroom is large as well. Separate rooms for the sink and bath/WC.

I decide to let them show me a few of the short time rooms. It’s the system with the “boxes”: the customer drives his car (or taxi) into the box; the curtain is drawn as soon as the car is in (so that nobody can see it). Then you take the girl or whoever into the room, prepayment, costs about 400 for three hours. You can either order drinks or take them along with you, then you can get stuck in, gynae-chair or in the bath, you can shag to your hearts delight. The place is mainly visited by Thais who don’t have their own flat, or by bosses who want to screw the arse of their secretary. It’s like that all over in Thailand. The ST rooms are quite nice, the baths are only basic but good enough for what you intend doing. If you book an ST room after midnight you can stay in it until the morning for 1200.

I really do feel like staying here again. I have lots of nice memories of the place, they come flooding back... the smell is typical, the rooms etc. As I have already mentioned, the location is good, one only has to pass through the Arab quarter, which has increased in size between here and the NANA. It takes five minutes to walk to the NANA gogos.   

The hotel is down a small side street, which connects Soi 3 and Soi 11; it’s just across from the Bumrungrad hospital. Unfortunatly they don’t have a website so you can’t book from home. In general there will be rooms available. You could try by sending an email, the email address is not on their business card but somewhere on display at the reception (see above). Someone will answer in good English.

Directions: catch a taxi directly to the Bumrungrad hospital; you can only get there via Soi 1. Past the hospital entrance down to Soi 3 – if you turn right (one way street) it will take you directly to the NANA – but get the driver to drive straight out of the hospital exit via Soi 3 directly into the street opposite, this is the connection to Soi 11. After 50 metres you will reach the PB hotel on your left – easy to find.

A few new photos:

































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