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What the reports are able to do:

We are able to mediate an impression of things, the fun, the country, and the people. We can make suggestions, produce laughter, and encourage imitating. We can provide information and safeguard from damage. The reports are not “sugar coated”, our course remains true to fact. “Sugar coating” is no use to anyone, just the opposite. The pictures/vids have without exception, been produced by Major Grubert himself, nothing at all is faked. We want satisfied readers who, in the future, will purchase a CD now and again.

What the reports are not able to do:

We make no claims of completeness. We cannot lead anyone by the hand and draft the perfect plan of action for the next holiday. Everyone must do this for themselves. We cannot be a substitute for experience. Everyone must make their own mistakes, they must learn at their own cost. Even when it, (hopefully) with our help, remains within reasonable limits.

How do things carry on?

In the future, we would like to produce new travel reports in this form.

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The “Medium CD” is perfect for this intention: We are able to act swiftly to any changes, without complete editions having to be destroyed. Photos are difficult to print in the form of a book, not to mention videos. Viewing picture material on a computer is very comfortable. The straightforward production and publication enables, as we think so, a fair cost – performance ratio for the reader. Orders/downloads can be placed without problem through our website.

First of all we will dedicate our time to publicising CD projects, numerous reports are being worked on.

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