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News Bangkok

Grubert in Thailand:

News from Bangkok
CD with Video

© by Major Grubert

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bangkok big boobs


bangkok eden club


bangkok hotel pool

bangkok klong


bangkok nacht


bangkok verkehr


bangkok night

bangkok bar girl


bangkok gogo bar girl


bangkok nana girl


bangkok short time girl

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bangkok thaifood


patpong karaoke party

bangkok pratunam market


soi cowboy bangkok


thailand wat

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Report: Including more than 550 photos from completely across the board, tips, tricks, addresses.

A sex tourist’s point of view.

The outbound journey (flight, taxi from the airport etc.)

Patpong: Description and small walkabout through the four Patpong blowjob bars, including their names, Prices, tips about what goes on etc. Rich with pictures.

>>> So, one sits at the bar, and depending on where one is, a curtain low down on the bar is opened, and the girl gets down to work. It is also possible to book two or more girls. I had three at the same time in my favourite bar…. One of them crouched down under the bar and….<<<

Patpong Party I + II. Numerous pictures.

>>>Tip: Take two or three girls with you to the hotel, or ST hotel (ask the girls, can be rented all over, dirt cheap) and have a real party with lesbo action and all the ish. There are some things in life that one has to have done….<<<

Out and about in Bangkok: The best restaurants, visit to the Bayoke Towers (BKKs highest building), Shopping down at the PRATUNAM MARKET and in the PANTIP PLAZA (computer and software), tailor in Bangkok, street life (Photos).


>>> Hundreds of girls go out onto the streets to offer themselves, this at the latest when the bars shut for the night. Chatting one of them up, or being chatted up oneself, is as simple as buying potatoes at the weekly market. One gets talking, a quick decision, and after a couple of minutes, off you go down to the hotel. I myself am normally not in much of a hurry. The preceding root treatment during the day meant that I was not under all that much pressure….

.... The prices in BKK depend on the time, (the later the cheaper), what one wants (LT = Long time, which includes a nice screw after waking up in the morning, or ST = Short time, varies between a 20 minute shag and a three hour session), sympathy and negotiating skills, and lies between 500 and 1500 Baht. However, one should not pay more than a 1000…<<<

Special: The best way to travel by taxi in Bangkok.

>>> Many Tuk Tuk drivers have specialised in parking near tourist attractions such as temples etc, and waiting patiently for their victims. Alternatively, they park down the Sukhumvit Road for example, or on the corner of Soi 5 or Soi 7 where lots of Farang pass by. If you are spoken to with the words, “Hello sir! How are you today sir? Or even as “my friend”, then the alarm bells should start ringing. Another much liked question is “Where you go?”….<<<

NANA Entertainment Plaza (NEP). Introduction to the best and most well known Gogo Bars in the world. Description of the localities, what is awaiting us, and what it costs. Visit to a Kathoey (Lady boy ) Gogo Bar.

>>> One really can have a lot of fun there. Even though the prices demanded (especially from newbies) have in the meantime become distinctly too high. Some of them even dream of 3000 – 5000 (+ 500 – 600 barfine) Baht for the night! Please, I will cross my fingers, and hope that the girls find someone stupid enough to pay such prices, enough stupid people get out of bed each morning. I never ever pay any more than 2000 for LT….

... Unfortunately, the days of getting a quick blowjob in the corner of one or the other bar are now over. In the meantime, the police have become much too strict, even the vulgar “Pussy Shows” are now a part of history – these days, the girls mainly present themselves on stage or at the pole wearing a bikini. During shows in past times, the girls used to open bottles with their pussies, shoot balloons with virginal blow tubes, or use dildos live on stage. Nowadays, girls shower in their bikinis during “Lesbo shows”….

...Traditionally, I go and get my last ST of the holiday from the NANA. The one below was great, I got to know her in VOODO during the day before the last of my stay…<<<

Sanam Luang and Lumpini Park. Why the girls from this street in the red-light district are only conditionally ok for us.

Karaoke Bars in Bangkok.

Training for a high quality birthday party in Pattaya, how to “ennoble” a cigar, and finally, celebrating again until the doctor turns up….


Video 1
Bayoke Tower

Video 3
Taxi journey Rama II - Sukhumvit

Video 5
Pantip Plaza

Video 7
BTS Skytrain

Video 2
BKK walk around the Suk area of town

Video 4
Bangkok Traffic

Video 6
Walkaround in Patpong

Video 8
Taxi BKK - Pattaya

The vids provide a good general view of Bangkok in the relevant areas and have something to offer for everyone. They are completely edited (partly with subtitles and music), and bring across quite a lot of the locations including the atmosphere. Have a lot of fun viewing them!!!


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