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Landscape Hotel Phnom Penh

Landscape Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

No 443, St. 258, Songkat Chaktokmok, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Phone (855)23 22 33 25
Fax (855)22 33 27


Visited by Major Grubert 

landscape_hotel_phnom_penh_00_kleinQuite a new place in an exposed area down by the Mekong River, within sight of where it merges with the Tonle Sap River. Best to book via Agoda, here you can get a standard/deluxe/suite for about 40/50/60 Euros. Including the fees my suite cost me just under 70 Euros. I stayed there for just under 10 days and asked for a room on one of the upper floors, which meant that I ended up on the 9th, at the very top with the best view the hotel can offer. This really is spectacular, even though one has to look over the Cambodiana hotel (at the river). It’s quite exciting, depending on the lighting and weather, the view changes. During the night one can look down at the brightly lit amusement park near the NAGA casino. I would book this room again just because of the view – the girls were very impressed WINK

Although the hotel is quite new, it’s still suffered a bit of wear and tear. Loose wallpaper, badly laid carpets and you can even see stitching; some are quite dirty, especially at room entrances. The furniture itself is quite nice and not cheap stuff. WiFi works without problems, large safe, bathrobes and slippers. The room itself is extremely nice for a hotel room. Good telly but the programmes aren’t much good. I didn’t try the breakfast, which is included in the price, have heard that it’s not all that good.   

The location near the river is still OK; it’s possible to take a walk down to the riverside. The famous FCC where the international correspondents met during the Indo China war is half way along the route. I always went by Tuk Tuk for 1USD (need to haggle). Your overnight guests can be registered at the reception, but not compulsory.

All in all a place to be recommended, especially if you get a room with a nice view. The smaller rooms are nicely furnished and not too small (last row of photos, view also from 9th floor).

































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