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Indiana Beach Hotel Mombasa

Indiana Beach Apartment Hotel

Kenya, Mombasa, Bamburi Beach
P.O. Box 82662 Mombasa

Tel:  (254) -11 485895/6, 485977, 485216, 223780
Fax (254) -11 485861, 313347



Visited by Major Grubert

For those who want fun, the hotel is situated well, down at Bamburi Beach, pretty much central. Can be reached from Mombassa by taxi for about 600 KSH.

Although it was quite close to the main season I was able to haggle the price down from 3000 to 2500 shillings. I was quite satisfied with the hotel and would stay here again. They have self contained apartments where mainly Muzungus stay with their black wives or girlfriends. The apartments are a little worn out but are very spacious and the main thing, the showers are like a waterfall.

Which brings us to the slight disadvantages of the other hotel rooms: The showers are only middle of the road; apart from that the rooms were very nice. Small balcony with a view across the palm trees down to the sea. The air conditioning was ok, mosquito net, large TV and a small fridge, which was adequate anyway. Oh yes, two pools, one is able to swap girls a few times each day, but it is better to register them at the reception just for safety reasons. Book a double room (no surcharge) then there will be no discussion about a surcharge for the guest.

They have a nice beach restaurant with an Indian and international kitchen, the food is ok and affordable. A complete meal costs about six Euros, a bottle of beer one Euro. I mainly ordered the chicken curry or fish and chips. The seating is optimal; one has a view of the beach and is able to wave a few chicks by.

It is possible to book both half and full board with the price reaching anything up to 6000 per person, but who wants hotel grub every day and that at set times…. Nooo, nobody needs anything like that. Best thing to do is book a bed and then eat when and where one likes.

Conclusion: Recommendable, would stay there again. 

Here a few impression of the various room categories, outside views and a little bit of the hotel beach.

Indiana Beach Hotel 01

Indiana Beach Hotel 02

Indiana Beach Hotel 03

Indiana Beach Hotel 04

Indiana Beach Hotel 05

Indiana Beach Hotel 06

Indiana Beach Hotel 07

Indiana Beach Hotel 08

Indiana Beach Hotel 09

Indiana Beach Hotel 10

Indiana Beach Hotel 11

Indiana Beach Hotel 12

Indiana Beach Hotel 13

Indiana Beach Hotel 14

Indiana Beach Hotel 15

Indiana Beach Hotel 16

Indiana Beach Hotel 17

Indiana Beach Hotel 18

Indiana Beach Hotel 19

Indiana Beach Hotel 20

Indiana Beach Hotel 21

Indiana Beach Hotel 22

Indiana Beach Hotel 23

Indiana Beach Hotel 24

Indiana Beach Hotel 25


I was there again during the main season, the lowest I could manage after haggling with the manageress from India was 3500 without breakfast. I accepted but had to discuss the fact that I was not prepared to pay a lady-fee (no set price, just not on) for female guests. As always the room was good, the place has been renovated again and they now have room-safes. There is an internet connection in the lobby, better than nothing I suppose. There is a free of charge WiFi down at Roberto’s beach restaurant (is now Italian, very good). I took a room at the top in the beach-wing again; in the meantime the balcony balustrade has been modified to prevent people below from looking in, well, if one is staying right at the top anyway. There is a new BBQ restaurant down at the small pool, good. One needs good nerves though; the management is difficult and smug. The room service is quick as a flash and nice. There are sometimes power cuts but they do have their own generator, which MAINLY functions.

The old menu still exists, the food is of the same quality and served in ones room and on request down at the pool (-restaurant). Prices have more or less remained the same.

All in all this place can still be recommended. The old safe facility is being put out of operation step by step. I would recommend being very careful when using the room-safes, there are second keys and codes. Nowadays it’s not that much of a problem though due to the availability of cash machines; safes are only required for a small cash reserve. From this point of view the old warning of thefts from the old reception safe has become relative, but it does no harm to be careful.

New: useful fitness studio with personal trainers for 200 KSH/day

Otherwise everything as it was. 

Indiana Beach Hotel 26

Indiana Beach Hotel 27

Indiana Beach Hotel 28

Indiana Beach Hotel 29

Indiana Beach Hotel 30

Indiana Beach Hotel 31

Indiana Beach Hotel 32

Indiana Beach Hotel 33

Indiana Beach Hotel 34

Indiana Beach Hotel 35

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