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Grande Centre Point Terminal 21

Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit Terminal 21, Bangkok

Sukhumvit Soi 19 (Wattana) Sukhumvit Rd. Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: 0066 (2) 38 6819000



Visited by Major Grubert

grande_centre_point_hotel_terminal21_sukhumvit_01Excellent. Absolutely fantastic! Let’s start with the location: unbeatable. The hotel is in the Asoke Terminal 21 (shopping centre), meaning in the same building, only a stone’s throw from the BTS (sky-train) station Asoke. The hotel even has its own entrance to the train station from the lobby. One can reach the station via an escalator and remain dry no matter what the weather’s like. For 15 Baht, for example, one can travel to the NANA station (NANA entertainment/gogos, “Annies Massage House”, Soi 7/1 with “Eden Club”, a number of “Dr. BJs” (blow job and body massage), Soi 7 with its freelancer beer garden etc. etc. Or to the “Phrom Phong” station (Soi 24, the massage parlours “Snow White”, “Mango”, “Apple”, and others). Soi 22 (“Washington Square”) or, for 20 Baht to the “Thong Lo” station (among others the “Tulip” massage parlour).

The Sukhumvit metro station is also here. Within a very short time one can, for example, reach the numerous body massage parlours at the Emerald Hotel (“Huai Khwang” station). For those who want to travel around Bangkok using public transport, this is the place to stay, it’s where the two large suburban services meet, the sky-train and the underground; couldn’t be any better really. Night life: Soi Cowboy is just round the corner, can see it from my room. Doesn’t take long to get to the NANA or Patpong with the sky train.

There is also a direct entrance to the “Terminal 21” shopping centre via the hotel lobby. You can nip down and go shopping in a jiffy; the grocery department has everything one needs. Or a quick meal in one of the restaurants, there is also an entrance to the spa.

The hotel has 32 stories and about 1000 rooms; I stayed on the 25th floor. The view is fantastic, I’ve never slept (nor shagged) so high up before. A view across both the Soi Cowboy red light district and the bubbly activities at the large crossroads down at the Asoke. If your room is on the other side you will be able to see the BTS station, not bad either.

I booked a 40m2 (the smallest has 32) room through Agoda, their offers are normally quite a bit cheaper than the hotel’s own booking site, but they do have special offers occasionally. My room cost approx. 80 – 90 Euros including the Agoda fee. If booked directly it would normally cost about 140 Euros. Take a look at Agoda “room types” as well, sometimes a better room is only slightly more expensive that a smaller one.

The room is great, very comfortable double bed. The huge wall to wall window (and almost as high as the room) is impressive. The window can be blacked out by means of two automatic Venetian blinds. One can be used during the day to keep the sun out or for privacy; one can still see outside and it remains light. The other one is for nights or for when you want to sleep, it completely darkens the room, very useful.

Everything is modern and in black and white. There is enough storage room for two. Of course there is a WiFi, large safe, flat screen telly, a kitchenette with a microwave, washing machine (who needs one?) and a large fridge complete with crockery, cutlery, and glasses – the party can begin.

The bathroom is large and modern, I like it. There’s a bath, a glass showering cabin and a spacious mirrored bathroom cabinet. The best thing is the Japanese style toilet. It has a heated seat (adjustable) and washes you from below, whereby one is able to adjust the water temperature, water pressure and the position of the nozzles. One is also able to select between interval, rhythm and pulsating. At the press of a button it does an enema, wow... but one may also just have a pee TONGUE

As expected the personnel are friendly, motivated and well trained – all of them – the prices for the room service (restaurant) and especially the laundry are quite high; as far as I’m concerned much too high for the laundry. This is something I know from the sister hotel down Soi 10. However, everything is perfect, if you want, your laundry is folded and shirts are put in individual plastic bags.

It’s possible to register guests down at the reception but only if you want to. I’ve had lots of girls come to the hotel, sometimes at the same time and I’ve picked them up from the lobby; nobody seemed to be bothered. Or during the night at the reception, they hand in their ID or simply march past if I think they’re ok. One is free to do as one wishes. This is how things should be. 

There’s a very nice pool somewhere on the 10th or 12th floor, a gym as well. One is able to use the pool until half ten in the evening; a nice feeling when it’s dark with the view of the nicely lit up skyscrapers.

There are three express lifts for the 20th floor and above. The magnet-card system is simple to use and works fast and without any problems.

The bottom line: as far as I’m concerned the location and view is sensational, the furnishing and service is great; would stay here again any time. Of course it’s not cheap but for a little less I’ve had much worse rooms.

Photos here:


































































I have now tried a small suite on the 30th floor. I booked through Ebookers (with discount) this time. The apartment has 65m2 and has one bedroom. Everything is as described except it’s a lot larger and has a fantastic fenestrated facade. It’s a great feeling when falling asleep above the Bangkok skyline.

See for yourself:

























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