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Sukhumvit, Soi 11, Tel 6511200-29 Fax 6511260-2



Visited by Major Grubert

Recommendable, have no regrets. Presented myself at the reception as a TSM member, this provided me with an immediate reduction of 200 Baht (was not even checked to see whether it was true). As a member, the small suit costs about 1.600 Baht. I was still a little annoyed that I had not phoned up beforehand, which would have made it possible to get an even better price. Standing in front of the reception with all ones bags, tired out, and late at night as well is not the best of conditions to start haggling.  Anyhow, the hotel was worth every single Baht, large fridge, microwave (for those who need such a thing on holiday) and a video and CD player. There was also a safe with a code in the room. The hotel personnel were very friendly. The general condition of the hotel was good; it even had its own small swimming pool and fitness centre.

One thing though, while staying there at a later date I was given a room with pretty much worn out furniture etc, The air conditioning was ‘tepid’, the flush on the toilet sometimes ran for quite a time, so, what should you do? Take a look at the room before reaching an agreement.

The location is very good as well. Five minutes to the NANA, THERMAE and Sky Train are not all that far away either. Seven Eleven Supermarket about 50 metres down the road. Recommendable!









I have now managed to stop over in one of the larger suites, two rooms above the pool. The place is in very good condition, the rooms themselves are well equipped. The service is exemplary, friendly and reliable. Four girls in the room, no problem at all. Guest registrations are carried out down at the reception (Ambulatory) meaning that one of the hotels staff runs around with a note pad, gathers the ID cards and notes the room number, great.

The bathroom here is one with a bath. The GP is as far as I know the only hotel in Bangkok without apussy shower’.

There is enough room in the large safe for ones complete photography equipment and a notebook/laptop. The suite costs about 3300, internet extra. The pricing on the homepage is a little confusing; they offer quite a number of specials. The online booking went wrong for me, so make sure you get an email confirming. The TSM member discount is history.

All in all as usual, very recommendable.

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