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Garant Hotel & Suites Boca Chica

Hotel Garant & Suites, Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
9 Calle Sanchez, Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Tel: (809) 523-5544
Fax: (809) 523-6644


Visited by Major Grubert

garant_hotel_suites_boca_chica_dominikanische_republik00Bright and clean hotel situated centrally. About 300 metres walk to the beach and nightlife. Large room with safe (sturdy padlock) and aircon. Large ceiling fan, flat screen telly with lots of channels including German and American. Nice large high bed, wifi in the rooms. Large functional bathroom with shower and good water pressure.

There is not all that much difference between the economy and luxury rooms in terms of size and furnishing. However, the reasonably priced rooms are downstairs, the more expensive rooms up on the first floor; which helps to make them brighter. It’s worthwhile to spend a little more; I was very satisfied with my luxury room. For some unknown reason there is no wardrobe, just a large chest of drawers, one is able to hang things on a bar under the aircon. The fridges are a catastrophe; they’re large but also very loud. They sound as if someone is holding a pencil against the fan blades. This was OK during the daytime but during the night I simply pulled the plug. Changing the fridge didn’t do much good at all.

The suites have wardrobes. I booked one of these but unfortunately there was only one available on the ground floor; it was dark and musty with cheap plywood furniture. I didn’t want to sit on a 30 year old sofa with party cellar patina so I ended up in one of the other rooms. However, the two suites upstairs are top and can be recommended. Large and bright, two windows, the light comes from two sides and apart from that some of the furniture is new. These rooms were already book so unfortunately I was not able to take any photos.

The hotel grounds are OK, there is a passageway in front of the rooms where you can sit, either that or you can spend time down at the pool.

A laundry service is available; the cleaning women do the washing in the hotel’s own washing machine. Breakfast is on offer but although the service is good it’s not worth bothering with (subject to a charge).

Guests MUST be registered at the reception both during the day and at night (safety).

Depending on the season and category of the room, they cost from 40 USD (standard room, off peak) to 70 USD (suite, high season). Now and again there are special offers on the website; I managed to make use of one. Instead of paying 50 USD/night for a week I paid a total of 270 USD. On checking out the receptionist started fiddling about with his calculator and multiplied 55 with 7. I had to stand firm and remind the hotel manager about our deal, he then backed down. Don’t forget, the DomRep is a rip-off country; this applies especially to Boca Chica. Tip: print out the email with the prices and take it along with you. In fact one is actually supposed to pay in advance, which I don’t really like doing. They only accept cash. It’s also possible to book the hotel through Trip Advisor, which if in doubt is the better way because then the payment has been dealt with and if there are any problems, one has the chance of using a bit of pressure with, for example, the threat of a negative rating (in general).

Apart from this the hotel is OK, I would use it again but would prefer to stay in one of the two suites upstairs or a luxury room.

























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