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El Rancho Sosua hotel test

Hotel El Rancho, Sos˙a, Dominikanische Republik
Calle Dr. Rozen 36, Calle sin Salida, El Batey, Sosua

Phone: (809) 571-4070


Visited by Major Grubert

el_rancho_hotel_sosua_dominikanische_republik0I didn’t stay here but took a look at it because it was recommended to me. As far as I’m concerned the best thing about this hotel is its location; it’s very close to the nightlife and Playa Sosua (main beach). Everything can be reached on foot; one is right in the middle of things.

I didn’t like the rooms myself, too small and austerely furnished (small telly, not much storage space, very little furniture etc.) and, too dark. One has to like ornamental wall paintings as well.

The whole facility seems to be dark, narrow and winding, but everything is new and taken care of. Mini pool (bit small) and small gym available. Prices as from 40 USD. Right at the top of the building is a studio with two bedrooms for 160 USD, would be ideal if you want to share with a mate. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any pics of it.

For those of you who don’t mind rooms like this it’s the perfect alternative to the expensive hotels in the same area.

















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