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Grubert in Cuba:

Grubert in Santiago de Cuba
and in Baracoa
© by Grubert


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From the contents:

  • Preparations (Booking the flight, which gifts should be taken along for the garotas, what things in general are best to take with etc.);
  • Arrival at- and entering Cuba (Customs etc.);
  • Addresses in Santiago and Baracoa (casas, hotels including addresses and price quotations);
  • How to get around the main problems of Cuban daily life (meals, shopping, police and chicas);
  • Ways of travelling in the country and around town (bus, taxi, hire-car);
  • Nightlife (where to get to know the best chicas, and how to get them to do what YOU want them to do);
  • Prices and expenses for activities;
  • Test reports about bars, Discos, and Restaurants;
  • „Insiders tips“ etc. where to get to know, and take a girl along with you without any problem;
  • Black chicas, white chicas and all those in between (Morenas, Mulattas);
  • The general difference between the women of ones home country and Cuban women;
  • Does & Taboos, code of behaviour, avoidable mistakes;
  • “Cultural shock Cuba” (Why is life on the Isla Granda so different to ours);
  • Female sex tourists (boooo yuk!!!);
  • Rules of safety, and in general how to avoid being ripped off (amongst other things, Chulos);
  • Beaches, and bathing in the river;
  • Means of payment, and how to get hold of cash on location;
  • A bathing accident and another unpleasant encounter whilst swimming, also with an unpleasant consequence...;
  • Cuba and cigars (Special);
  • Practical links concerning the topic (from the recipe for Mojito, through the Cuban tourist information office right up to further background information);
  • Apart from all that on the CD:

    Approximately 400 photos in the usual Grubert - style: You receive unfamiliar and unusual impressions of the Cuban way of life, especially that of the Chicas – in all circumstances!

    Two hours of good quality, original Cuban music in MP3 format, especially suitable for getting into the appropriate holiday spirit – the 23 full length songs (directly imported from the island) can each be clicked onto the appropriate page as background music, or subsequently called up within a separate register!

    Switch your player to repeat, open a bottle of beer, put your feet up, and then:

    “This is Cuba. Everything is possible!!!”

    Here are the first reactions concerning the report:

    “”Hi Grubert,

    A brilliant report, you really do have the gift as an author, it is the type of report that everyone likes (I will take the liberty and just make such a claim). In such a manner, it is even possible to “be there oneself”, must be even better for those who already know Cuba. I find it super, your description is very detailed (it took me quite a few hours to read through it), the numerous pictures really bring things to life. The design is also a masterly-achievement!

    “”Hi Grubert!

    Have just read your report, what shall I say apart from?
    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper! “”

    “”I am lost for words, the report is simply fantastic.””

    “”Hello Grubert,

    Great picture book!!! I will just have to get over there, had not even dared to go there in the past due to the lack of knowledge of the language – and always end up in Asia. I envy your PC skills, and what I find especially good, is that you provide the addresses of various means of accommodation! I would like to ask an experienced traveller, which is better: Asia or Cuba?

    “”....Some of the time I even got goose pimples, because sometimes I thought that I knew exactly how it smelt as the photos were taken – with the chicks next to the old Ami banger within the nice housing area…., in some of the boozing bars, the familiar ambience of various Casas, and much more. Even the Paladar seemed familiar. Is it just outside the Casa Granda, I mean down the hill? Thanks for all the refreshed impressions and hardships of the Cubans.

    “”...yes, it’s been arranged:

    Grubert has once again served us with a treat for our ears and eyes.

    This report is fannnnntassssssticcccccc!!!

    Starting with the layout, carrying on to the mpg files and the great music, through to the personal text. You have mesmerised your readers, thereby leaving nothing to coincidence, and that, without even having to mention the pictures. The appropriate random selection mediates a very good impression of the lifestyle of the islands inhabitants, and also brings back old memories. This report is a first class package of great information, even for those who have never visited Castro’s island before. How are you able to manage this? The report must have cost you a hell of a lot of time…. Once again, my compliments!!!

    “”Hi Grubert,

    Simply terrific!!! Now things are quite clear to me at last – I’m off to Cuba in November””

    “”Hello Grubert,

    Your super report has tipped the scales, I have now made a decision, my holiday in the Dominican Republic is going to be combined with Cuba. This has been simply the most extensive and best report that I have read up to now! Even I have shown a weakness when it gets down to the question of wearing a condom, but it was just to make a test…. I wish you good health, a long life, and that you present us with a lot more of your reports!!!

    “”Hi Grubert,

    The chorus of praise is probably becoming a bit boring, but now that I have finished reading the report at last, I now know that money in this direction is well spent. Have read numerous (especially normal) travel reports in the Internet, but this one is simply great, no matter which way one looks at it. However, I had not thought of it as an advertising campaign for Cuba, insofar I wonder a little about the sudden interest that some people have for this country.

    P.S. Do you not fancy offering a course on web design? I would register myself straight away...””

    “”Hi Grubert,

    Respect!!! I call that the Champions League, great report, great photos, great music. You must have invested quite a bit of time, the result is highly professional!!!””

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