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Clarkton Hotel Angeles City

Clarkton Hotel, Angeles City, Philippines

620 Don Juico Ave, Clarkview, Balibago, Angeles City 2009

Phone (63)(45)322-3424 / 322-2267 / 322-2667 / 625-6821 / 625-6892 / 892-6272 to 73
Fax (63)(45) 625-6887



Visited by Major Grubert







The Clarkton Hotel was my first hotel in Angeles City. I am able to recommend this hotel without any restrictions at all. The service is very friendly, the rooms bright and spacious. Each room has its own safe. They are quite prepared for us (quite normal for Angeles City)…. Taking girls back to the room couldn’t be easier. The prices (range from 1150 to 2500 Piso) are more than correct. The Clarkton is one of the town’s best hotels. During my stay there I tried out all of the four categories (in between I had spent some time in Proto Galera and had to move quite a few times). I felt comfortable here right from the very beginning.

First of all I stopped in suite number one, the smaller of the two. Depending on the season it is possible to haggle the price down by about 100 – 300 Piso (did this by email). The suite is large to generous but out towards the street (the street noise for a town hotel is not that bad at all) and has two beds whereby each is large enough for three. 







Suite 2: A little larger, a huge bed and situated out towards the pool, which can be recommended because of the peace and quite. Such as in suite one there is a spacious bathroom (shower and bath, two sinks). Both suites have a free of charge computer, internet connection if desired, but costs extra.  











Both of the smaller rooms offer comfortable living and enough room for the price (15 – 19 Euros), whereby if possible one should make sure that the room is out towards the pool. As already mentioned, the noise from the road didn’t bother me all that much, but then again, the peace and quite of a room away from the main street is quite nice.  







I took most of my pics at night meaning that they are quite dark. You should also take a look at the well prepared website; there are more and better pictures there.

Conclusion: I would visit the Clarkton Hotel again, the only disadvantage is the location, which is not quite central, but then again that’s not the end of the world is it. There are always trikes waiting out front, the price for a trip into town (also to the Angeles bar life) lies at around 50 Piso (about 70 Eurocents). For those who want to use the Jeepney (hailed shared taxi) it will only cost about 7 Piso.


Recently stopped over in the new wing. The rooms are very good, if one stops on the ground floor such as I did, then it’s just a hop and a jump down to the pool. It’s nice to invite a few girls round for a splash. Not even any problems with half a school class.

The internet connection in the room is free of charge. As usual the service is great and very friendly. One can have a few drinks in the nice ambient of the adjacent ‘Mirrors Bar’ and of course how could it be any different, flirt with the girls.

The restaurant is very nice, one sits comfortably and of course meals are also served down at the pool or in ones room. The meals are in fact praised by everyone.

In the meantime the prices have more or less been adapted to the rising prices of Angeles, but are still OK. There has been a free of charge shuttle service down to Fields Ave for some time now (Minibus until late at night).

A few up to date pictures:

Clarkton update01


Clarkton update02


Clarkton update03


Clarkton update04


Clarkton update05


Clarkton update06


Clarkton update07


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