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Grubert in Brazil:

Grubert in Rio de Janeiro
and in Fortaleza
© by Grubert

rio de janeiro therme girl

brasilien lady

therme thermae 4x4 rio de janeiro garota

rio nutte

fortaleza girl garota

fortaleza brasilien strandnutte

fortaleza brasilien hure

fortaleza brasilien garota

fortaleza brasilien schwarze garota

fortaleza brasilien party

fortaleza brasilien arsch

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fortaleza brasilien titten

rio black lady

fortaleza brasilien beach

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brasilien nutte

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Brazil was a premiere for the major. Without being able to speak word of Portuguese or Spanish, and with only a dictionary, a few Viagra and armed with the unconditional will to have fun, he finally came to the following conclusion:

Brazil is super –
I’m coming back!!!


  • The outbound journey;
  • Equipment;
  • Addresses in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza;
  • Hotel prices, -addresses and –descriptions;
  • Detailed description of the nightlife (the purpose of the trip);
  • Test report of the various bars, thermal baths, (Rios most marvellous body massage) Discos, „insiders tips“ etc. where on is able to get to know and take a girl along with one without any problem;
  • Black or white? Or black on white??
  • Current prices and the prices girls expect one to pay around the different spots
  • Safety tips;
  • The general difference between Brazilian women and those at home;
  • Does & Taboos, code of behaviour, avoidable mistakes;
  • Eating in Brazil, restaurant tips;
  • Under which circumstances is it possible to ”make a normal pull”;
  • Flying in Brazil;
  • Why Billy Clinton and M.L. are just beginners;
  • What is a  „Minute brothel“;

    34 Photo Galleries with more than 600 pictures!!!
  • Here a few reactions to the report:

    ""Thank you for the great report!! It’s simply been done very well!!""

    ""Genuinely a great report Grubert, it actually nearly goes beyond the scope of things, alone all of those photos. One would think that the Garotas had spent all their time **** with you…. Have just got back from Pattaya myself, but after reading your report, I feel like visiting Brazil again""

    ""Hello Grubert! Really a unique report! Has been done very well. With the use of the photos, you have paved the way for me and my mate, who are going to follow your tracks in September.”

    ""Hi Grubert, your report is really super, and sooooooo many great pics…. I just feel like visiting Brazil again!!!""

    ""Hi Grubert! Compliments, and thanks for the inspiring report. Thanks very much

    ""Super, super, it really is very entertaining. Found it amusing that you had an appetite for blonds whilst in Brasi-land ""

    ""Hello Grubert,  Even I have now managed to read your report through to the end at last: It’s simply great, the layout (fascinating for a technology novice as myself), both text and pictures. Your way of reporting is great, easy going, light, amusing with the self-irony, honest without pulling the wool over ones eyes, comes across great. What I found quite refreshing, was that your report includes things about Brazil, which are missing from other reports. Things such as that the best looking women are to be found in Brazil, but that this doesn’t mean that all Brazilian women are good looking…. So, once again, the report was top class.

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- “Black Label”
- “I want all”

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