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August Suites Pattaya Hotel Tip

August Suites, Pattaya, Thailand
Serviced Residence

111/30 Moo 9 Central Pattaya Road, Pattaya 20150, Chonburi, Thailand

Tel : +66 (0) 38 420 003-4
Fax: +66 (0) 38 416 466



Visited by Major Grubert

I didn’t want to move out of this place. The transfer from/to Bangkok airport (1500 Baht) went without any problems at all, large new car, the driver was good and didn’t waffle all the time.

Before I start: The smallest room (superior, 40m2) normally costs 3000 THB including breakfast. I sent them a mail asking whether I could have the special price of a friend, 1200 Baht without breakfast (I eat later anyway); they accepted. At the moment the tourist industry isn’t as good as it could be in Pattaya (world economy and certain negative incidents in Thailand). Elsewhere on sticks one’s head in the sand or they increase prices, August Suites do things differently: Special prices and excellent service.

In general, hotel staff in Thailand is very friendly, but in this hotel it’s even better: extremely nice, always helpful, always a friendly word, always a friendly reception, if one has a problem they help straight away, smiling.

The location: lies central on the Central Pattaya Road (“Pattaya Klang”). All you have to do is go out onto the street and then after about 50 metres on the right is the Second Road and the Baht Busses (10 Baht), which set off in all directions. Almost opposite is Soi Buakhao, for those of you who have already been there.

My room was perfectly clean, very well furnished, everything was new. Rooms with free of charge cable internet (can get one down at the reception). Bed was good, I slept well, is even large enough for three. Quite a large balcony with an ashtray (I had a non-smokers room, there are also others). A large flat screen TV, the air conditioning is quiet and easy to regulate. The key to the room is a key-card, which fits nicely into your wallet. Large safe (number code). There are also a lot of small details that make the stay nicer; such as the large fluffy towels and the gleaming white bedclothes. The bathroom is useful, the shower is great (cabin with sliding doors): the water flow is very good, nice and hot if you like. My room was very quiet (no street noise or anything).

There is no “ladyfee”, but only for one “lady”. If you want to take more than one up to your room then you have to fork out 500 each for the rest – well, officially anyway. I didn’t try, but I guess you can get round this somehow, especially with them not really controlling the girl’s ID cards, only if you want them to; as one should. I always told the reception that it’s not necessary to control their ID cards because I know them; then I smiled and walked in hand in hand.

Here a few pics of my rooms with various lighting:    

















I took a few pics of an executive suite (80m2). These have two rooms, as far as I’m concerned they’re oversized, personally I prefer one large room, can keep my eye on things better. The price for these is 5000 THB (it’s probably possible to haggle at the moment). Pics for your information:    









The rest of the facility: First of all I’ll mention the pool. Not an Olympic swimming pool but not small either. I think it’s pretty nice to take a dip in the middle of the town on the second floor whilst looking across the rooftops. OK, the view may not be that fantastic, but there’s a lot of green and nice personnel. Sometimes I had to tell them not to overdo things; if you want to order something they come running up... we visited the pool every day even though I’m not really one for this sort of thing.

The hotel has a decent fitness room with good equipment, quite a few weights and a sauna.

In general the facility is generously arranged.

The bottom line: Book this place!!! However, I don’t think that prices will remain the same when things start to pick up again. I find 2000 -2500 OK; 1200 is a fantastic price.

Pool, fitness room, facilities:    


























No sign of wear or tear a year later, neither the furnishing nor the service. The staff, from the cleaners to the manageress, are extremely friendly and do their very best to satisfy; one almost feels like a VIP, even though one may not like this sort of thing. It’s no good trying to resist BIGGRIN

I stayed in a standard room with a city view for a short time, the bed was even larger but I didn’t really like the view. It’s better to pay a 100 Baht extra (in the meantime 1500 Baht) for a room with a view of the pool.

They are serious now with the “ladyfee” for a second “lady”, the 500 Baht has to be paid. This may be the reason why those who want to fill a large bed don’t book; it’s too expensive. I find that 500 Baht bears no proportion.

The restaurant isn’t that good; as far as I’m concerned it’s the only facility that is in need of improvement. Almost all of my orders were flops; but it doesn’t matter, there are plenty of places to eat in the area.

The bottom line: still very recommendable, but for those who get through a lot of “ladies” not really an option. I’ve heard that there are people who go to Pattaya to have fun. 

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